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Santo Domingo.- The Environment Ministry said it works to enforce the deadline to end the dismantling of boats along the Ozama and Isabela river banks, which expired Sunday.

Resolution 13-2016 was notified to five recycling companies last October: Malaca Group / Malacca Diesel, Astillero Hermanos Benítez or Legus Enterprises LTD, Metales Antillanos SA, Naviera Río San Juan (Dique / La Barquita Canal) and Dique Atracadero Vicini (former Metaldom), only Naviera Río San Juan is in the process of pulling up steaks, outlet reports.

In a statement, Environment said it will enforce the entire legal procedure for which it has established a calendar of execution, in line with the priorities to care for and protect the waters.

"For this Ministry of the Environment and for the entire country, the rehabilitation, cleanup, preservation and sustainable use of the upper, middle and lower basins of these rivers is of high interest and national priority, so we will pay special attention for them to achieve their recovery."

It adds that Environment's resolution responds to the "rehabilitation, sanitation, preservation and sustainable use of the upper, middle and lower basins of the Ozama and Isabela rivers are declared a national priority."

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Written by: DomRat, 3 Jan 2017 8:44 PM
From: Dominican Republic
Great, following the American example of living in a National Park and no jobs, hoping a tourist will come by and have a Yankee dollar. Keep real work and real jobs, it can be kept clean. Why is noise at a disco all night long OK but at a recycling yard during daylight hours some kind of terrible problem. Mark me as in favor of real jobs and against pandering to tourists.
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