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Santo Domingo.-  Engineers, Architects and Surveyors Guild (Codia) president Edita Vizcaíno on Thursday hailed the growth in Dominican Republic's construction sector during 2016, and predicts an even better year for infrastructure investment.

She stressed the Government's major investments and incentives   to the construction sector that she affirms have positively impacted the real estate sector, resulting in an increase in priority works nationwide.

"The release of resources from the legal reserve authorized by the Monetary Board for the granting of loans for low-cost housing, as well as aid to agricultural producers affected by floods is another valued initiative," the head of Codia said.

Vizcaíno said the release of RD$12.0 billion (US$260.9 million) for long-term loans at low rates for real estate will have a great impact this year.

She added that the construction sector's dynamism is evidenced by the large number of schools, housing projects, including condos.

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3 comment(s)
Written by: foresthill, 6 Jan 2017 9:57 AM
From: Dominican Republic, santo domingo
The construction boom as the politicians wish to call it is occurring because of the money borrowed internationally as debt.
Sooner or later the chickens will come home to roost and the piper will have to be paid.
In reality there is no boom just a lot of borrowing.

Written by: JHCL2016, 6 Jan 2017 6:37 PM
From: Dominican Republic, PA' LANTE: Danilo 2016 * Leonel con Visión 2020!

Private construction from international loans?


Written by: guillermone, 12 Jan 2017 5:34 PM
From: United States, Bring Back DT Forum

We are too much in a rush to become a little New York.
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