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Haitian immigrants come in peace, to work.
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SANTO DOMINGO. - The Haiti ambassador Fritz Cineas denied that Dominican Republic enslaves the Haitian immigrants, as a group of nongovernmental organizations denounces in Europe and the United States.

He said he doesn’t share any type of statements which could affect "the good relations that currently exist between Dominican Republic, and the Caribbean nation that so far are very warm."

Asked about the documentary "The price of Sugar" in which Dominican Republic is presented as a nation that enslaves Haitians, the diplomat said that until now he has yet to receive any complaint of mistreatment towards his Haitians, but clarified that any situation on the matter would be channeled through the corresponding routes. "I still have not received any complaint of violation of human rights against the Haitian immigrants in the country."

Cineas spoke in the forum "the E-Government in Latin America and the Caribbean,  the Declaration of Santo Domingo" which conducts the Electronic Government Network  of Latin America and the Caribbean.  

He said in Rene Preval’s last visit to the country, the Haitian Head of State also spoke about the good treatment which his compatriots receive in Dominican territory, and weighed the relations between the neighboring island and the country, "that they are excellent, as is the intention of the presidents of both nations, Leonel Fernandez and René Preval."

He reiterated that the Haitian chief executive’s desire is to bolster the diplomatic relations of the sister nations.

On Wednesday, Haiti’s representative in the United Nations Education, Science and Culture Organization (UNESCO), Marie Denise Jean, also denied in Paris that her compatriots were placed under the slavery in the Dominican mills’ villages.

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6 comment(s)
Written by: Ed Gonzalez-Acosta, 25 May 2007 9:00 AM
From: Cabrera, M.T.S.
Are there any human rights (HR) violations in Zimbabwe? I think everyone, but President Mbeke from South Africa has admitted that there are HR violantions there. However, Mbeke refrains from actively criticizing Mugabe b/c of diplomatic issues. I propose this is the same situation between Haiti's diplomatic corps and the DR.

Plus, I doubt that there is "Slavery" in the DR, but that there is oppression, discrimination, and coercion is doubtless.
Written by: JD, 25 May 2007 9:23 AM
From: Washington DC
There is a clear conflict of interest here. Haiti gains and inflow of revenues from Haitians that work and may send money back to Haiti whereas if the immigrants were home and not in the RD then they would be unemployed. Thus, it will be difficult for the government to disclose problems since the country benefits from its immigration and merchants at the Dajabon etc.

It is similar to Dominicans working in the US who send millions back annually into the RD economy as my Dominicana often does
Written by: Billy H. Adams, 25 May 2007 2:32 PM
From: Santiago, Santiago
It would appear that there is a lot of support for the Dominican Republic in the International Community and AGAINST the two Catholic Priests who started all the negativeness over the "Haitian Question" in the DR.
Looks as if these two Priests have lost a great deal of "Face" and support over the issues.
Let's hope that the resolution of this "burhaha" has run it's course and that the Priests are properly chastised by the refutations that have emerged.
Written by: Ed Gonzalez-Acosta, 26 May 2007 10:49 AM
From: Cabrera, M.T.S.
Indeed, lets hope that WHOEVER violates human & labor rights be chastised. If that were the case, then the government and our society would find itself without many people.
Written by: John Oakley, 26 May 2007 2:12 PM
From: Miami
While slavery may not exist. Dominican Republics' treatment of Haitians is deplorable, discriminatory and racist Refusing citizenship and education to children born in the DR goes against the Dominican Constitution and international law. If the United States did the same thing probably 1 million Dominicans would not be US citizens now. Don't do to Haitians what you don't want done to Dominicans in the United States.
Written by: Kern Grand-Pierre, 1 Jun 2007 9:49 AM
From: New York
While I understand the obligation for Amb. Cineas to be diplomatic,I find it nonetheless insulting to deny that our compatriots are mistreated in the DR.I will reiterate my earlier stance in this forum that all Haitians should be rapatriated at once.Furthermore,Amb. Cineas should be recalled so he stops making a mockery of reality by making such a foolish statement.I would cease all diplomatic relations with the DR until we put our house in order and command respect from our difficult neighbor
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