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Santo Domingo.- Environment minister Francisco Dominguez  on Wednesday reiterated the decision to ban agriculture in Valle Nuevo National Park (central) and said its reforestation will start when the deadline for squatters and ranchers to leave expires at month's end.

He said despite the dialogue with the squatters since the process to recover the protected area began, resolution 14-2016 which calls for evictions will be enforced.

"This process, and that has also been one of the observations of the President, must be made in accordance with not only the law, but also addressing the human problems of the people," Domínguez said in a meeting with former president Hipólito Mejía.

Cost conflict

He also acknowledged the need to bear the cost of the conflict with all the responsibility the evictions entail.

He said reforestation is set to start at the end of January and expects that day laborers will work together with Environment, although farmers will not be allowed entry.

The official lauded Mejia's concern and proposals to deal with the needs of those affected by the measure.

"The the Dominican people have to unite to protect Valle Nuevo," Dominguez said.

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2 comment(s)
Written by: guillermone, 6 Jan 2017 12:45 PM
From: United States, Bring Back DT Forum

"The the Dominican people have to unite to protect Valle Nuevo," Dominguez said
Wishful thinking.
Written by: guillermone, 6 Jan 2017 12:51 PM
From: United States, Bring Back DT Forum

Doménech Biosc es un español, fanático del merengue, del café de greca, de los puros y del ron añejo. Un día le preguntaron: ¿Para usted, qué es un dominicano? "¡Ah, los dominicanos... que difícil pregunta!

"Se caracterizan individualmente por su simpatía e inteligencia y en grupos, por su gritería y apasionamiento... Cada uno lleva en sí la chispa de los genios y los genios no se llevan bien entre sí, de ahí que reunirlos es fácil, pero unirlos es casi imposible...

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