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Cachon de la Rubia swimming hole, Oazama upriver.
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Santo Domingo.- Community organizations in Santo Domingo Norte, Este and the National District that work in the Ozama and Isabela river basins, on Thursday demanded the immediate shutdown of companies that pollute the water and pose a risk for the people's health.

They stated total support of Environment Ministry resolution 13-2016 and denied that the measure will hurt businesses.

Speaking for the group, Francisco Reyes said what the resolution does is enforce Environment Law 64-00 and urged the government not to backtrack.

"We have been demanding the removal of operations that pollute water, soil and affect the health of residents living on both sides of the Ozama and Isabela rivers and this is yet another opportunity because similar resolutions have been issued on previous occasions and because of economic pressure the authorities have tended to back down," Reyes said in a statement read at a press conference.

"Contrary to the government compensating the companies, they are the ones which must do so with area residents for the damages they've caused to people's health for years, while they counted their riches," he said.

The organizations warned that they'll continue their fight and offered their full support to the actions carried out by Environment minister Francisco Dominguez.

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