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Alessandro Legrottaglie
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Bayaguana, Monte Palata.- Town mayor Héctor Delgado Valdés, recently stressed the progress achieved in municipal planning, basic services and financial management of the Municipal Development Project (PRODEM), in Bayaguana township, with the financial support from the World Bank.

"It's a good example of the progress that can be made through incentives for training in local governments in the Dominican Republic is the Bayaguana municipality," said World Bank representative in the country Alessandro Legrottaglie.

"Within the framework of the project, this municipality has maintained and developed a culture of planning and improvement in the provision of municipal services with special attention to the strengthening of mechanisms of accountability and transparency to offer its citizens a reasonable assurance that resources are used for the purposes that were conceived," the World Bank said in an emailed statement.

It adds that the east region town has complied with a set of performance indicators, and achieved good indicators in the Municipal Public Administration Monitoring System (SISMAP).

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Written by: ciber, 17 Dec 2016 7:45 AM
From: United States
Wait until Maribel hears this she will be on the move. She can smell money and knows she can get away with it !
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