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Resounding success of “Beyond my dreams,” published by ISFODOSU

ISFODOSU's rector Dr. Nurys del Carmen González with the authors. (Photo: Isfodosu)

Santo Domingo.– Among the activities carried out by the Salomé Ureña Higher Teacher Training Institute -ISFODOSU- during the Santo Domingo’s 24th International Book Fair (FILSD 2022) was the long-awaited presentation of “Beyond my dreams” (Más allá de mis sueños,) a collection of four stories that awaken sensitivity and arouse love for reading through the simplicity of their words and curiosity about details.

This is how its authors, students of ISFODOSU, have conceived it, an institution that is pleased to make available to young and adult readers stories that exude finesse in writing, love for letters and beauty in illustrations; all this to make its reading a journey through time, flavored with innocent fun.

“Beyond my dreams” are stories that motivate writing, generate sympathy for literature and encourage the aesthetic education of infants, as well as a taste for beautiful things and flying through unimaginable spaces, times and worlds, as expressed in its prologue Ana Julia Suriel, Executive Vice Chancellor of the Emilio Prud’ Homme campus of ISFODOSU.

Four captivating stories

“Globby: the story of a very curious number,” by Mawdy Canela Sandoval, is a journey through the mathematical universe. Through it, the reader goes through the symbols, numbers, forms, operations and sequences, reciting the entertaining story of the number One between rhymes and verses that make it impossible to stop.

In “La ranita Tita wants to give a cantadita,” by Yaroly Peña Gómez, poetry prevails with countless literary figures; more than one child would be scared by the arrogant and grumpy Rana Dana, or smile with Chito, the affectionate little worm. The story highlights friendship and solidarity, without leaving behind triumphing with the truth.

With this book each story has its own style; one does not appear more relevant than the other. There is a context, a teaching that they want to convey to us, like all children’s stories, where you travel to the kingdom of wonders, but then return with the comforting illusion of making magic come true.

Such is the case of “Valle Iao,” by Laura Polanco, a story that borders on fable and gives life to an inanimate character that is half human and half needle-shaped rock, a transformation that he undergoes when he finds out that the father of his beloved had broken his promise to let them love each other forever.

“Papito: the voyages of a small giant,” by Noemí Espinal López, begins with an amazing simplicity that would seem to emulate the traditional stories that always end in victory; however, its plot becomes increasingly complex and attractive. Between planets, galaxies, comets, nebulae, stars and constellations, the creative writer transmits a message of inclusion, respect and tolerance, which makes the reader gravitate as a sphere in the universe of time.

At the event, which took place at the Academy of Sciences of the Dominican Republic, ISFODOSU representatives invited readers to immerse themselves in the sweet pleasure of reading these wonderfully illustrated stories, all loaded with literary depth and beautiful prose, which reflect a careful and thorough didactic process.

The book is available in the editorial catalog of ISFODOSU, accessible to citizens through the institution’s web portal.

The 24th Santo Domingo International Book Fair, which ends May 2 in the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo, is dedicated to Dominican writers Pedro Peix and Carmen Natalia.


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