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North Coast entrepreneur’s Invest in Dom Rep company offers potential electrical grid reliability solution

Michael Suiter, Elmira Suiter (founder), Svetlana Thumm (CEO), William Peguero (business developer)

Renn Loren

Residents and tourists alike can tell you that the Dominican Republic has traditionally faced a significant challenge in providing stable, dependable electricity 24/7. The government has recently prioritized upgrading, improving, and modernizing the nation’s electrical infrastructure, with noticeable improvements accomplished over the last year.

There is even more good news on the horizon. Michael Suiter is an entrepreneur on the north coast whose Invest in Dom Rep company supports a series of investments that would vastly benefit the people and businesses of the Dominican Republic.

The country needs to initiate new projects in sustainable power, water treatment, and infrastructure issues must be supported. There is also the issue of creating an improved, more accessible medical network.

When local economies are enhanced, the local population’s incomes tend to rise.

Suiter’s Invest in Dom Rep plans to invest in local people and projects. In the end, the intention is to have everything to be owned by the Locals.

Invest in Dom Rep company president Michael Suiter

The company develops projects, searches for the best technology solutions to be implemented into the local market, and supports sustainable creative energy sources.

All of these elements demand energy, so Invest in Dom Rep has partnered up with Electryone

Electryone can support independent power that is locally generated, sustainable, and off-grid.

The company’s green energy can also be fed into the grid.

Electryone’s main advantage is its software and power containers. The power containers have 12 generators scaling up to meet demand. This makes it highly efficient. But the company always aims to try to cover the maximum with green energy possible.

Invest in Dom Rep company CEO Svetlana Thumm

Energy is produced through solar, wind craft, pellet, and any other energy source that can be managed most effectively by their software. At the same time, their backup system guarantees flawless current for 365 days, 24 hours of stable current anytime without any cutouts when switching from one source to another and adjusted precisely to each particular project’s needs.

Being highly efficient, using Electryone will cut costs by a minimum of 20% of the previous electricity costs of the project.

So, one of the main advantages of the patented Electryone system is the software that maintains a constantly stable, steady current at the exact perfect level, 24/7, 365 days a year.

The unique patented groundbreaking energy storage technology is so highly effective that Electryone can bridge any cutouts when switching from one source to another. This way, people from the Dominican Republic could experience something new: 24-hour, stable, non-fading constant current 365 days a year, absolutely dependable, no cutouts.

Besides prolonging and protecting the lifespans of TVs, computers, appliances, and other electronics, which is also essential for many industries… With the Electryone system, some initiatives/projects can cut their insurance cost by extending equipment lifespans alone.

Suiter’s company can produce energy at such a cost-effective level that they can even deliver it to the leading electrical suppliers or governments. Their advantage would be fast and local solutions without expanding the grid. Electryone can also provide local power containers for gas stations to replace conventional fossil fuel with electrical car charging stations.

Motorcycles with swappable batteries are also a system that they can supply with energy.

“In most cases, Electryone can provide the system without additional costs to the project or industry owners. We will simply guarantee to cut their electricity bills by 20%,” says Suiter.

The minimum capacity they can provide is half a megawatt.
So at this point, it does not work for single private households. At this time, it is scaled for communities or industrial projects.

“The company custom designs a microgrid for each project individually to make sure they deliver maximum efficiency.” notes Invest in Dom Rep company president Michael Suiter. “We could even supply or bolster existing power supply infrastructures already in place and vastly improve and stabilize their service.”

He further points out, “One of our main goals is also to create investors’ awareness of the Dominican Republic. This is why our website focuses mainly on explaining the advantages of the Dominican market and its future development.”

With substantial economic, foreign investments, industrial, and residential growth, the demand for stable, reliable, and renewable energy is a priority concern for the Dominican Republic.

Suiter’s Invest in Dom Rep company and Electryone offer a viable win-win solution.



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