World September 21, 2023 - 12:41 pm

Canada imposes sanctions on three Haitian businessmen for fueling violence in their country

Haiti.- On Thursday, Canada imposed sanctions on three Haitian businessmen, namely Marc Antoine Acra, Carl Braun, and Jean-Marie Vorbe, accusing them of corruption and “other criminal acts” and for allegedly allowing the activities of armed gangs that have exacerbated a severe social and humanitarian crisis in Haiti.

These sanctions effectively prevent the three individuals from traveling to Canada and prohibit Canadian citizens, entities, or residents from engaging in economic relations with them. Marc Antoine Acra is a well-known businessman who served as an advisor to former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe. Carl Braun holds the position of vice president on the board of directors of Unibank, the largest Haitian bank, while Jean-Marie Vorbe is the CEO of Sogener, a company in the energy sector.

Canada believes that these businessmen are contributing to violence and instability through corruption and other criminal activities, as well as by permitting illegal actions carried out by armed gangs that are causing terror among the Haitian population.

Canadian Foreign Minister Mélanie Joly stated that these sanctions are a crucial component of a multifaceted strategy to address the political situation in Haiti.

Canada has been actively involved in diplomatic efforts to establish a multinational peacekeeping force under the UN banner to intervene in Haiti. Since November 2022, Canada has imposed sanctions on 28 Haitian citizens, described as the country’s “political and economic elite,” for their alleged involvement in the activities of armed gangs in Haiti.

Just earlier this week, Joly appointed André Francois Giroux as Canada’s new ambassador to Haiti, reflecting Canada’s commitment to engaging in the situation in Haiti. It’s worth noting that over 165,000 people of Haitian origin reside in Canada.


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