Economy June 6, 2016 | 9:46 am

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Government offers 68% wage hike to health workers, 39% to doctors

Santo Domingo.- The Government on Friday proposed a salaryincrease as high as 68% for nurses, assistants, technicians and other medical personneland 39% for physicians.

Also proposed in the talks among the authorities and thehealth sector were the unified wages, including fixed incentives for allworkers and comply with the provision to establish one single workday.

The government representatives say the measure will benefitall health workers, because they’d no longer have work up to 16 hours, but eightinstead, without reducing income and just in one workplace.


On pensions, the government agreed to a special concessionto the unions to pension or retire, by decree, more than 6,000 employees in thesector, who will get the same amount as their final salary and incentives,including all employee pending pension, employees with health ailments andevery employee over 65 and with 20 years of service.

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