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Government will apply strong restrictions on Easter

At the MItur meeting, Minister David Collado detailed the measures. EXTERNAL SOURCE

Tourism restricts alcohol sales and limits the number of people per hotel.

Santo Domingo, DR.

The Minister of Tourism, David Collado, confirmed yesterday that March would close with the arrival of 230,000 non-resident visitors and occupancy of around 73%, figures that are “historical” amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Collado added that domestic tourism represents 50% of hotel occupancy, and Easter will not be the exception for more tourists to arrive and for more Dominicans to visit the hotels, so that through Resolution DJ-007/2021, the measures are provided that will govern the sector from April 1 to 4 of this year.

According to Collado, the country will end the month of March with numbers similar to those registered in the arrival of tourists in December 2020, above 120,000 non-residents.

“We know that many Dominicans will go to hotels and travel to tourist centers. Many tourists are arriving in the country already and taking the measures and preventing this situation so that all military organizations can take a step forward,” said Collado, referring to the provisions that will be applied, and that if they are not complied with by the hotels and restaurants will carry penalties, such as financial fines.

The Resolution DJ-007/2021 must be observed by hotels, restaurants located in tourist areas, and operators of tourist activities. The capacity for maximum occupancy is 80%, as will be reviewed every 30 days. Likewise, the capacity corresponding to the means of transport destined by tourist establishments for the transportation of their employees will be up to 75%.

According to the Minister of Tourism, restaurants located within tourist-real estate complexes (Cap Cana, Casa de Campo, and Punta Cana) must respect and comply with the established schedules as well as the prohibition of the sale of alcoholic beverages for consumption in places and public and private establishments for public use, as well as their consumption in such areas.

The resolution indicates that in Las Terrenas and Cabarete, taking into account the nature of their tourism,  the opening of restaurants will be allowed until 9:00 p.m. However, in these destinations, the sale of alcoholic beverages for consumption in public or private places will also be prohibited.

Vehicles in the sea
In the document of the Ministry of Tourism, the use of jets, ski/wave runner, and banana boats was prohibited on the beaches and spas of the national territory, as well as the use of motor vehicles within the shores of the Dominican region along with tents and the like.

In the case of hotel beaches, only activities that do not involve music or crowds can be carried out, and always respecting distancing protocols as indicated in the resolution. Use of hookah is also prohibited.

The Ministry adds that the activities to be carried out in the beach area or common areas must be carried out with due distance and a mask. The restaurants located in these areas will not be able to carry out activities after midnight.

will be carried out under the charge of Mitur, together with Defense, Navy, CESTUR and C5i, and the Police.

Collado clarified that establishments in tourist centers that do not comply with the measures would be sanctioned following the law.

The protocol already established against Covid-19 will also be maintained in hotels and tourist areas.

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