Economy May 9, 2021 | 7:30 am

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Rising prices worry traders

Santo Domingo, DR

The Dominican Federation of Merchants expressed its concern about the continuous increases in the prices of basic necessities.

The president of the entity, Iván García, detailed that several articles of daily use experienced increases, such as eggs and soap last Monday.

He specified that all industrialized products have registered price increases and clarified that the merchants are not responsible for this situation, but their suppliers: the industrial and exporting sector, which have increased the prices of the articles.


“The commerce is alarmed because it has been eight times in less than a year that the price of oil has been increased,” said the leader.

“For the commerce sector it is highly worrying the price increases that the industrial sector has made in the last year. We are concerned because by increasing prices, the commercial companies are decapitalizing themselves,” he emphasized.

He said that another drawback is that the industrialists are not dispatching more than 50% or 60% of the orders placed by the traders.

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