Health April 10, 2020 | 8:01 am

MAPE RD’s message about dogs, cats and coronaviruses to people of the Dominican Republic: ‘They only transmit love’

I do not transmit the coronavirus, I only transmit love— Pets do not transmit coronavirus to people.

The Dominican portal seeks to stop animal abuse due to COVID-19. The Animal Protection Unit of the Public Ministry also: “We do not want pets to be unprotected for fear of contagion.”


It is confirmed by the World Health Organization (WHO): dogs, cats, and other companion animals do not transmit the new coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, which causes the disease COVID-19.

In response to the complaint that there are people who, following false information spread as a result of the pandemic that has caused the death of 83, 471 people in the world, mistreat dogs and cats, MAPE RD (the Animal Protection Unit of the Public Ministry) stands up for the defense of animals with a new proposal for visual communication. 

Since last Friday, the Dominican portal that has promoted animal education and protection in the Dominican Republic since 2017 has placed some 100 printed and digital billboards at key points in the National District and Greater Santo Domingo where animals are seen saying the phrase: “I do not transmit the coronavirus, I only transmit love.”

As usual in their communication campaigns, the protagonists are stray dogs and cats that address the population as if they beg for attention and care.
The objective: to transmit the message in a big way to create awareness and avoid abuse.


MAPE RD is also motivating people, through their social networks, to leave some food and water on the sidewalks to feed stray cats and dogs that due to the social isolation called to stop the pandemic in the country, cannot find food to feed.

“They do not understand why the streets are empty, but they are still hungry and thirsty,” MAPE explains in one of their messages. As part of this call, they have fed cats and dogs in the Colonial Zone, Villa Consuelo, and Mirador Sur. 

Several people and personalities such as the karate fighter María Dimitrova have joined the cause.

“In these difficult days where the streets are empty and we are locked in our houses, please do not forget the stray animals. Now more than ever … they need us. If it is within your possibilities, leave a little water and food in front of your house, ”the athlete posted on her Instagram along with a photo where she is seen placing food on the sidewalk.


Regarding the pandemic due to the new coronavirus, and taking WHO information as a reference, the Animal Protection Unit of the Public Ministry reported through a statement that there was no evidence that companion animals could spread or transmit COVID- 19.

Canine coronavirus (which can cause mild diarrhea) and feline coronavirus are both Alpha-coronaviruses, the unit reported, and are not associated with the current outbreak. “We do not want pets to be unprotected for fear of contagion,” says the document.

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