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Dominican Republic COVID-19 VIDEO: People violate curfew, hide when the police arrive, then reassemble when police leave

Ignoring social distancing and quarantine in these times only prolongs the crisis and extends the economic misery of everyone else

In these days of quarantine, videos of citizens who defiantly violate the curfew imposed by the Executive Power as a way to prevent the spread of coronaviruses abound.

One of those audiovisuals shows a group of at least ten people of different ages, including a child, in a neighborhood of Santo Domingo, violating the 5:00 pm curfew, and some of them consuming alcoholic drinks.

As a motorcycle approaches with National Police officers, people flee to an alley and climb some stairs, and even a lady leaves her gangway, which activates a second police unit.

However, after the National Police leave, the people continued their party.

It is recalled that there are already in excess of 35 thousand detainments and arrests of people who have violated the curfew having taken to the streets after 5:00 in the afternoon, something prohibited by Decree 135-20 and extended by Decree 142-20 until April 18th, 2020.

Dominican Republic: Curfew extended toward 15 days from April 3 /update 4


VIDEO: People violate curfew, hide when the police arrive and then reassemble

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