Health June 4, 2020 | 7:43 am

What can and cannot be done in this reopening PHASE 2 that began yesterday in the DR?

Yesterday, stage 2 of the de-escalation strategy “Coexist with COVID-19 safely” implemented by the Government came into effect, because the contagion rate has flattened and fatality rates are relatively low, according to the latest reports. of the Ministry of Public Health.

Here is what can and cannot be done, according to the statements of the Administrative Minister of the Presidency, Gustavo Montalvo:

Companies. During this phase, micro-companies with between 1 and 10 employees will be able to work with all of their collaborators. For their part, small companies, with between 11 and 50 employees, will be able to incorporate 75% of their workers, while medium and large companies will be able to work with 50% of the staff.

As of yesterday, the stores of the shopping centers will be able to remain open, but the food, games, and recreation establishments will remain closed in order to avoid crowds.

Transport. Intercity transport buses and minibusses will be able to start their operations, using a maximum of 60% of the seats, always with a proper social distance between the passengers and following the corresponding protocols.

Churches.  Churches may open their doors, but only on Sundays, with a small percentage of people.

In the case of Adventist and other churches that hold their services on Saturdays, they are allowed to start, with one religious service per week.

Religious entities must ensure that the 2 meters distance between each person is met.

Movement of workers during curfew

The circulation permits for people during curfew hours can be requested through the company where they work on the page.

What is not open yet. Entertainment or recreation spaces, such as cinemas, theaters, gyms, arts, sports, and cultural events, will not be opened yet. As well as marches, rallies and caravans, shopping malls, games of chance and the hotel sector, among others. Also, restaurants would continue to be open only for orders and home deliveries.

Phase 3 would start June 17 and stage 4, in July

At stage 3, churches will be able to worship three times a week. And it will not be until the fourth phase, which would begin in July, when airports, restaurants, gyms, and other activities where a large number of people can gather will be reactivated.

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