Health July 28, 2020 | 7:41 am

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Dominican capital runs out of beds for Covid-19 patients

During this month of July the highest numbers of people infected and killed by Covid-19 have been recorded.

Santo Domingo.- With 641 Covid patients hospitalized, Greater Santo Domingo ran out of beds to admit patients, reflecting a 100% occupancy of its hospital beds on Mon., as well as 80% of the beds of Intensive Care and 65 ventilator patients.

Nationally, the total number of patients hospitalized in centers under epidemiological monitoring is 1,396, for a general occupancy of 93% of hospital beds; in intensive care there were 268 for 72% of ICU bed occupancy and 120 patients were on ventilators.

In Santiago there were 443 admitted patients for 95% occupancy of hospital beds; 83 patients in intensive care units, equivalent to 76% of its beds, and 31 of them were on ventilator or assisted breathing.

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