Health November 5, 2020 | 2:30 pm

These are the three provinces with the highest prevalence of COVID-19

Greater Santo Domingo, Santiago, and La Altagracia continue to present the highest incidence of positive cases for the Coronavirus SARS CoV-2. In the case of Santo Domingo, Santiago, and the National District, they present the highest number of deaths from COVID-19.

According to epidemiological bulletin number 231, 39 new cases were reported in the National District, in Santiago only 9 and Santo Domingo 29, all in the last 24 hours.

Since the Coronavirus began in the country, the National District has an accumulated number of cases of 33,518 and 380 deaths. While in the Santo Domingo province, 25,892 people have become ill with coronavirus, of which 484 have died, while in Santiago, the number of accumulated cases amounts to 14,176 and 341 deaths.

The other provinces with the highest number of cases are La Vega, with 4,801 and 108 deaths; La Altagracia, 4,790 and the number of deaths is 41, while San Cristóbal has a cumulative case of 4,756 and 118 reported deaths, while in the Duarte province, which became the epicenter of the pandemic, has accumulated 3, 240 positive cases and several deaths of 116.

In these localities, the Health authorities have emphasized the reinforcement of prevention measures, specifically an increase in rapid tests and CRP, physical distancing, and using masks. In addition to the increase in COVID-19 beds, Intensive Care Units -ICU- and ventilators.

Bulletin 231

Bulletin number 231 issued by the Directorate of Epidemiology (DIGEPI), reports in the last 24 hours, 546 new cases, 3 deaths, none in that period of time. The fatality dropped to 1.75 percent.

7.0 06 samples were processed, for a total of 612 thousand 758. The positivity in the last four weeks is 9.88 percent, and the daily rate is 14.65 percent.   

There are 19,914 active cases, 106,650 recovered, the discarded total 483,934.

The epidemiological bulletin indicates that the hospital occupancy of COVID-19 beds is 663 out of 3,292 available, representing 20 percent. ICU beds, 162 occupied from the availability of 520, for 31 percent, while the existing ventilators are 425, of these 87 are in use, for 20 percent.

Risk groups

The bulletin presents that among the risk groups among those who died from COVID-19, from hypertension, 32.70 percent, diabetes 20.93 percent.

Additionally, 267 pregnant women have been affected by the coronavirus, health workers, 627 and 12,170 under the age of 20 years, the general total of deaths is 2,260, for a mortality per million inhabitants of 216.30 percent.

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