Health March 5, 2021 | 2:15 pm

Dominican Republic coronavirus: 11 deaths and 695 new cases

The Ministry of Public Health (MSP) reported on Friday 11 deaths, five of which occurred in the last 24 hours; it also informed that some 695 people tested positive for coronavirus, among the 7,094 samples processed.

Bulletin number 351, issued by the General Directorate of Epidemiology (DIGEPI), indicates that the last four weeks’ positivity stands at 12.1%, while the daily indicator stands at 16.47%.

The health agency specifies that the total number of deaths registered so far is 3,150 and that the number of samples processed in the country since the beginning of the pandemic is 1,223,808.


The governing body of health in the country is reiterative in urging the population not to neglect the restrictive and sanitary measures, despite the reduction of the curfew, which stimulates to prevent new cases of COVID-19. He invites not to lower the guard against the disease, maintain the recommendations, and get vaccinated within the time specified in the National Vaccination Plan.

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