Health March 29, 2021 | 10:09 am

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651 cases and 6 deaths reported in Dominican Republic

Of the new infections in 48 hours, 400 occurred in Greater Santo Domingo.

The authorities notified 651 cases of covid-19 and six deaths from the disease last Friday and Saturday, while the daily positivity had a slight increase compared to last Friday, going from 9.69 to 11.29%.

Meanwhile, the hospital occupancy indicators remain down, with only 1.2 percent of active patients confined in health centers.

The data are in bulletins 373 and 374 of the General Directorate of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Public Health, which reports that the positivity rate of the last four weeks continues with a downward trend, and yesterday it stood at 10.58%.

Currently, the number of people who died from covid-19 is 3,304, the fatality rate is 1.31%, and mortality is 316.22 per million inhabitants.

The total accumulated cases are 251,983, of which 37,635 are active. Those recovered amounts to 211,044 and those discharged are 1,049,789.

Evidence. For both bulletins, 13,696 samples were processed, of which 12,934 were by PCR and 762 were Antigenic.

Also, of that total, 7,197 were tests carried out for the first time and 6,497 follow-ups to infected patients.

Hospital occupation. The occupancy of beds in Intensive Care Units (ICU) is 29 percent, with 151 occupied out of 518 available.

This represents an increase since, in the previous bulletin, there were 139 ICU patients for 27 percent of the units available.

At a general level, the availability of beds to attend coronavirus cases is 2,557, of which 463 are occupied for 18 percent.

One hundred one ventilators are in use, out of 401 existing, for 25%.

Risk groups. In bulletin 374, deaths from hypertension are 30.12 percent, from diabetes 18.83 percent.

Meanwhile, 357 pregnant women have been affected by the coronavirus, as well as 749 health workers. Meanwhile, 27,246 children under 20 years of age have contracted the disease.

Greater Santo Domingo. Of the 651 new cases of coronavirus reported, 400 have been presented in Greater Santo Domingo, a demarcation that continues to lead with the highest number of daily infections.

The National District had 220 and the Santo Domingo province 180. In third place is the Santiago province, which registered 60.

Six provinces did not register new cases, and another six a single contagion.

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