Local January 11, 2011 | 8:09 am

Tainted water tops cholera contagion, Public Health says

Santo Domingo. – A Public Health Ministry study found that contaminated water has been the main source of cholera infection in the country, affecting farmers and homemakers older than 14 years of age, specifically.

Public Health’s Epidemiology Department revealed that of 146 confirmed cases and investigated by experts, 60 percent was exposed to non-treated waters from rivers, drainages, irrigation channels and aqueducts.

“Because contaminated water to bathe or to drink has been identified as the main mechanism of infection of cholera, there’s greater emphasis in the treatment of the water for human consumption and the intensification of adequate measures of cleanup according to the needs of each situation,” the Public Health Website says.

It recommends that the population use only treated water for consumption, such as boiling it or applying five drops of chlorine for each gallon.

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