Local January 12, 2011 | 9:16 am

Leftist group marks 37 years since the battle of Los Palmeros

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Popular Movement (MPD) affirmed today that the 39th anniversary of the events that led to the death of the Palmeros marks the urgency and need for Dominican youngsters to learn of that recent episode in Dominican history, as an example of commitment with the nation.

“In this 39th anniversary of the murders of Los Palmeros we remember the events that lead to the fatal episode where Amaury, Virgilio Perdomo, Ulises Cerón and Bienvenido Leal Prandy (La Chuta) died; the country should always remember them as imperishable heroes,” the leftist organization said in statement.

It said their revolutionary structure, born in 1968, “headed by the audacious and courageous Amaury, apparently went unnoticed until the end of1971, when its members were detected, located and finally surrounded on January 1972, 12 kilometers (from Santo Domingo) on the Las Americas highway.”

“We know that in the combat waged on January 12, 1972, Los Palmeros tried, in a more than heroic action, to repel the troops which sought to crush them. These brave men fought to the last hour, fought until their last bullet ran out,” the document states.

The MPD adds that they remember those fallen in the January 12, 1972, combat as a way to teach their supporters.

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