Local January 21, 2011 | 3:16 pm

Justice Minister admits bank fraud inmate gets privileges

HIGÜEY, Dominican Republic. – Justice minister Radhamés Jiménez that if the bank fraud convict Luis Alvarez Renta has been permitted to leave the jail Najayo 118 times, it’s the responsibility of the Sentencing Judge. He acknowledged however that it’s a privilege in any case.

“Those authorizations respond to other echelons of the Judicial Branch which aren’t those which I represent,” the official said.

Alvarez Renta was confected of fraud in the collapsed of the bank Baninter in 2009.

Jiménez spoke in the Basilica of Higüey, where he attended the mast to mark the day Virgen de La Altagracia, which president Leonel Fernandez also attended.

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