Local January 22, 2011 | 10:00 am

Dominican Ambassador in Haiti condemns behavior of his compatriots

Santo Domingo.– Over two hundred Haitian illegal immigrants were arrested Thursday by immigration officials and the National Army, at the highway toll of Las Américas.

The operations were extended to bus stops in Boca Chica and Andres, at the east of the National District. The officials checked if they were legal residents in the Dominican Republic. Those who had no documents were taken to the Immigration headquarters for repatriation.

Last December, Fritz Cinéas, Ambassador of Haiti to the Dominican Republic deplored the behavior of some Haitians. Now the Dominican ambassador in Haiti, Ruben Silié, considers his compatriots of extremists who threaten to expel with force the Haitians who are not legal in the Dominican Republic, particularly in Santiago.

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