Local January 26, 2011 | 7:43 am

Dominican Republic Police assigns 13,000 cops to deal with planned protests

Santo Domingo.- To deal with the call to protest by several barrio groups, around 13,000 Police agents will be assigned to maintain the public order in the streets, said Police chief Jose Polanco Tuesday.

He warned that all agents, regardless of whether they are in service, will be deployed. “The preventive Police has around 13,000 men. All men must be in the streets tomorrow; those who are not in service must be available in the police precincts.”

The barrio organizations grouped in the Alternative Social Forum (FSA) announced demonstrations starting today including a halt of public transport in the Northwest and a picket in front of the Industry and Commerce Ministry, to protest the jump in fuel prices and staple products.

Polanco asked the organizers to protest peacefully, respecting private and public property. “For that reason we expect that the organizers who convened the protest respect that norm and respect society.”

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