Local January 26, 2011 | 11:36 am

Strike halts all buses in Dominican Republic north region

Santo Domingo.- The transport strike staged by different barrio organizations to demand lower fuel prices which have climbed during four straight weeks has halted 100 percent of the buses that ply the routes to the north-central Cibao and Northwest regions, except those of the company Caribe Tours.

Passengers from Dajabón headed to Santiago and other parts of the country were left stranded in that province and in Montecristi and Santiago Rodriguez, among other regions, when the bus companies Frente Liniero, Expreso Bello Atardecer and others joined the strike convened by the barrio organizations grouped in FALPO.

And though Caribe Tours provided the service, its buses were halted before reaching their destinations, when the drivers staking the stoppage forced them to return.

Some passengers in the northwest town Navarrete paid moto-taxis as much as 500 pesos to reach Santiago, where confrontations between demonstrators and Police have yet to occur.

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