Local October 7, 2011 | 1:23 pm

Palestinian, Dominican leaders pledge deep ties

Santo Domingo.- President Leonel Fernandez on Friday called the Palestinians’ bid for statehood, “a great just human cause,” to welcome that people’s Authority President, Mahmoud Abbas to the National Palace.

Invited by the chief executive to the Dominican Republic, Abbas arrived early Friday to the capital Santo Domingo, where he’ll be declared "Distinguished Guest” by the nation’s Congress.

Fernandez said despite his country’s “strong, beneficial and long-lasting relations with Israel, it also urges the international community to join in the Palestinian people’s push for a “free, sovereign and independent Palestine.”

Abbas "moved" by Fernandez’s words.

After Fernandez’s speech to welcome the Palestinian leader, Abbas said he was “moved” by his Dominican par’s expressions. “I don’t have an expression to say thanks for those eloquent, moving and encouraging words. I see in you and grand advocate of peace and justice for all humanitarian efforts.

"It is true what they told me and we know why we have you in mine and in my people’s hearts. The first time I saw you in Sharm el Sheik (Egypt) I knew that we have a great and important friend. We are with you, together in peace, we have become very close and intimate friends but not only a fine friend who defends peace and justice, but also of reality and truth.”

Abbas continued: “What we search for in the world is what you in fact are doing, this means that there are still people who ascribe to the truth and when you went to Ramallah (West Bank) we also realized that we aren’t alone; a friend a brother very close vey intimate friend. For this we fill that we are in one same house, which I’m in my house and in the house of my friend.”

The Palestinian leader concluded: “But our hearts have found brotherhood in this especial relationship to continue, because we all want peace we all believe in peace, but in fact, not just in words."

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