Local October 10, 2011 | 11:58 am

Even DT readers disagree on why Enriquillo Lake grows

Santo Domingo.- A poll of Dominican Today readers asked what’s behind the unchecked and still unexplained expansion of Lago Enriquillo –at 40 meters below sea level the central American and Caribbean’s biggest salt lake- with responses that mirror expert’s disagreement on the phenomenon.

When DT asked "What is ,really behind the swelling of Enriquillo Lake,” the responses “Who knows, but they better work fast” and “Killed forests, no trees, no retention,” both drew 72 votes, tied at 25.71%.

In second place was the response “Ocean seepage, subsoil flows, etc.,” with 71 votes, for 25.36%, whereas the response, “Definitely climatic change,” resulted with 65 votes, or 23.21% of the total of 280 readers who took part in the unscientific survey.

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