Local October 10, 2011 | 12:56 pm

Prosecutor: Dominican in killing of 5 Chinese in Panama hides in the country

Santo Domingo.- National District prosecutor Alejandro Moscoso revealed Monday that the Dominican Fermín Antonio Taveras Ramirez, and/or Angel Betancourt, charged with the murder of five Chinese citizens in Panama, is in the country.

He said the Immigration Agency registered Ramirez’s entry to the country, just one day after he was accused of being behind the murders, together with Jose Alcibíades Méndez, who is being held in Panama.

Moscoso said he’ll contact his Panama par to exchange information and locate the fugitive’s whereabouts, affirming that the authorities are already on his trail, to be arrested and deported.

The bodies of the victims –which Police say were the killer’s business associates- were found September 15 in a house in La Chorrera, 35 km west of Panama City.

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