Local October 11, 2011 | 7:48 am

Dominican leader’s support of Palestinians a “deception” for Israel

Santo Domingo.- The government of Israel Monday expressed its “deception” for the way in which Dominican Republic decided to support Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas’ bid for UN recognition, instead entering into a bilateral negotiation process.

Israeli ambassador Moshe Sermoneta, quoted by news source elcaribe.com.do, said his country agrees with the Palestinians’ right to statehood, but noted that the process must unfold via direct dialogue and not by means of a UN decision.

He said president Leonel Fernandez should’ve taken advantage of Abbas’ presence in the country to ask him about the important issues which have prevented an agreement and which Israel’s authorities, headed by prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, had explained to the Dominican leader when he visited the Middle East. “Naturally, we are disappointed because Dominican Republic has decided to support the Palestine authority to look for support before the UN without negotiating.”

Sermoneta said however that despite the delicate issue the ties between the two countries remain strong.

“The relations (Israel and DR) are good, but it’s a delicate subject and we would’ve liked to hear the President express it in a manner which reflects that friendship,” the diplomat said.

Sermoneta also noted that Abbas, who in his visit last week was received in the National Palace with honors, refuses to enter into a dialogue on the search for peace and maintains an agreement with the group Hamás, which the diplomat said is responsible for the slaughter of many in the Gaza Strip conflict.

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