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In Palestinian support flap Dominican Government tells Israel we’re “sovereign”

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Government defended its “sovereign” right to handle foreign policy relations to fundamentally defend its national interest and maintaining a climate of harmony with friendly countries.

The statement by Foreign Relations minister Carlos Morales came Tuesday in response to the Israeli Government’s “deception” with the manner in which the Dominican Government stated its support the Palestinian Authority’s efforts toward statehood by the UN.

He said its sovereignty characterizes Dominican Republic’s treatment with the countries with which it maintains diplomatic ties.

The official said relations with Israel are very good, but noted that those bonds don’t impede Dominican Republic from strengthening relations it maintains with another nation even more, as the case with the Palestinian homeland.

Israeli ambassador Moshe Sermoneta, cited Tuesday by newspaper El Caribe, said for his country, president Leonel Fernandez’s decision to support Palestinian National Authority president Mahmoud Abbas’ effort toward statehood was a “deception.”

Fernandez received Abbas with military honors and decorated in the National Palace.

Long standing relations

“We are a sovereign State, we believe in self-determination of the nations and define our policy in relation to the global topics, without meddling in anybody’s bilateral affairs,” Morales said in a statement to the press.

“Certainly, as ambassador Sermoneta indicates, relations with Israel are good,” he said but noted they are reciprocal bonds, because “whenever Israel has needed us, Dominican Republic has there been.”

Dominican Republic and Israel have had diplomatic ties since 1948 and have always in friendship.

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