Local October 13, 2011 | 4:07 pm

Washington’s advice on Haitian offspring spurs Government fumbling

SANTO DOMINGO. – The Dominican Government affirmed Thursday that president Leonel Fernandez will sign the Regulation to enforce Dominican Republic’s Immigration Law next week, an announcement which comes in the wake of Washington’s warning on alleged mistreatment of Haitian descendants.

When asked by a diariolibre.com reporter about the mix-up with signature, Presidency Chief of staff Cesar Pina responded angrily, blaming himself and a last minute lack of coordination for Fernandez’s scrubbed visit to the Immigration Agency to sign the Regulation Wednesday. “I didn’t have the fast communication with the Executive Branch Legal Adviser and at the moment the President had to leave for Immigration, we couldn’t contact the Legal Consultancy, because it hadn’t been previously notified and for that reason. It’s mine responsibility, and simply asked the Immigration director to accept our apology.”

But Interior and Police minister Jose Ramon Fadul contradicted Pina’s assertion, noting that the Legal Adviser is already placing final touches on the Regulation, which requires a presidential decree. He said it wasn’t signed because some articles had to be rewritten to avert contradictions with electoral aspects and not to create frictions with other countries, especially Haiti.

Hillary Clinton

As to Clinton’s advice for the country to seek a fair solution for the descendants of Haitians, Fadul said no one can tell Dominicans how to behave and their sovereignty has to be respected. “We have a President who knows full well what the international problems are. Neither she nor anyone can meddle herself in Dominican Republic’s internal affairs. We are sovereign, independent and they cannot teach us in that regard."

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