Local October 14, 2011 | 3:38 pm

More booze businesses shuttered for din, guns, serving minors

SANTO DOMINGO. – The Interior and Police Ministry shuttered 27 businesses which sold alcoholic beverages in various parts of the country, charged with violation of schedules and citizen security norms.

Interior and Police minister Jose Ramon Fadul said the businesses closed were repeat offenders of the established hours, for obstructing public spaces and for causing noises and incidents that jeopardize residents.

The businesses temporarily closed are located in communities and sectors of the National District, and Santo Domingo, Azua, Higüey and Santiago provinces.

In a statement, Fadul said some of the businesses were closed for 20 days, and the repeat offenders for one month.

Most of those businesses were shuttered during an operation last weekend, with 22 guns seized, while inspectors found 15 minors who were drinking alcoholic beverages.

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