Local October 17, 2011 | 1:02 pm

Clinton’s warning on Haitians a “waste of time,” nearly half of DT readers say

Santo Domingo.- Nearly half of Dominican Today readers who took part in this week’s online survey say U.S. Department of State secretary Hillary Clinton’s “suggestion” on what the authorities should do about the Haitians who claim Dominican citizenship will lead only to a “typical waste of time.”

When asked “What will Clinton’s warning on descendants of Haitians bring?” 205 voted Typical waste of time, or 44.86%, while 120 (26.26%) responded “Better treatment of Haitians.”

In third place in the unscientific survey was the response “Her statement will unleash backlash,” with 79 votes, or 17.29%, while the fewest amount of readers, 53 votes (11.60%) feel that “Officials will get off their tails” and work harder on the issue.

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