Local October 17, 2011 | 10:00 am

Lawrence, Massachusetts mayor faces the wrath of residents

NEW YORK. – Thousands of Lawrence, Mass. residents want mayor William Lantiagua out of office alleging he hasn’t done anything to benefit their city, which has unleashed a confrontation between the petitioners and Dominican groups which support their countryman.

In a document with more than 5,000 signatures his opponents say Lantigua, the first Latino to hold the post after being elected in November 2009, has allowed an inertia which has led to significant increase in crimes and a lack of public safety.

They also complain of mismanagement in education, Massachusetts’ highest unemployment at nearly 17%. They say Lawrence needs a new leader who can urgently save it from the situation Lantigua has caused.

Lantigua could face a voter recall and one of his most staunch critics, Pentecostal church reverend Edwin Rodriguez, said the signatures send the mayor a powerful message of enough already.

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