Local October 24, 2011 | 12:42 pm

DT readers sound off on use of soldiers to fight crime

Santo Domingo.- The use of hundreds of soldiers from the various military branches announced by the government last week has stoked heated debate among those who see the measure as necessary to halt the recent crime wave, and those who caution that it’s a “double-edged” sword.

When asked “What risks do the use of military to fight crime entail?” 43.05% said it “Could be effective if handled right,” with 65 votes of the total of 151 of those polled.

Meanwhile 35.76%, or 54 votes, responded “Yes, the risk of more shakedowns” if military are used.

In third place was the response “Great risk, accidental shootings,” with 19 votes, or 12.58%, while the option “None, could help curb it,” with 13 votes, or 8.61% of the readers who participated in the unscientific survey.

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