Local November 2, 2011 | 8:11 am

Dominican authorities foil “massive” jail break in biggest prison

Santo Domingo.- Prisons Department director Roberto Obando Prestol revealed Wednesday that the authorities uncovered and dismantled a “massive” prison break in the country’s biggest prison La Victoria, headed by inmates serving up to 30 year convictions.

He said the ringleaders managed to convince many inmates, all serving 30 years, to take part in their plan, which included kidnapping the prison’s warden, weapons sneaked in, park getaway vehicles in the adjacent neighborhood and then start a shootout to ease their escape.

The Prisons Director said around 13 days ago La Victoria’s intelligence and National Police investigators found that the guns were to be hidden in coolers with false tops. “We have found hacksaws blades in cakes, guns in bibles, blades in shoe soles, wood carved out to hide drugs.

“We were able to identify all of the conspirators, 13 who headed the planned escape. A shootout in that crowded neighborhood next to the prison could’ve been tragic.”

“We started the investigation 14 days ago with the attempted smuggling of the cooler. Before the end of the week, the La Victoria Prison will be totally lit for the first time in its history,” Obando said, interviewed Wednesday on Colorvision, Channel 9.

The official added that National Police chief Jose Polanco was instrumental in busting the planned escape.

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