Local November 4, 2011 | 8:02 am

Education needs a serious debate, Fernandez says

Santo Domingo. – President Leonel Fernandez Thursday said a serious debate on education must center on three questions: what is taught, how is it taught and why is it taught. “From there we’ll speak about the rest.”

“But nobody says to me what is it that’s going to be taught, what it means to define a curricular development, no one is speaking to me about education if they don’t tell me about methodology in education, where also there’s a transit from an educative model centered on the teacher to an educative model centered on the student,” he said.

The chief executive said society has the current challenge to modernize its educational structure for which it’s important to know what the new educative model seeks. He said there’s a global debate on education reform. “In my way of seeing it we’re in transit from an educative model that was centered on an industrial society to one for the society of knowledge in the 21st century.”


“I know what the graduation of these youngsters in software technology means for the Dominican Republic. It means the yearned for revolution which we have always beloved, which will allow the definitive transformation of the nation,” Fernandez said in the National Palace graduation ceremony for 600 youngsters trained in the elaboration of software.

The training has the support of the Higher Education Ministry’s National Software Scholarship Program, in coordination with Dominican Republic’s Export and Investment Center, Santo Domingo Cybernetic Park Foundation and the Cluster of Software Companies.

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