Local November 4, 2011 | 1:39 pm

Staunchly catholic Dominican Republic mulls red light district

Santo Domingo.- Several organizations and representatives of sectors that defend women’s rights went to the public hearing in the Chamber of Deputies Justice Commission Friday, to state their view on the proposed bill to create a red light district in the capital.

The Integral Orientation Center (COIN) rejection the proposed legislation, saying it violates human rights, the Constitution and as discriminatory, and suggest instead that Congress allocate Budget funds so the sexual workers can have access to productive activities.

But the Santo Domingo Hotels Association stated its supports calling prostitution an activity that need to be controlled, while Haina township councilwoman, Jackline Montero, accusing the police of shaking down sexual workers for their money and forcing them to have sex for free.

Today’s hearing is the first for the bill submitted by deputy Esther Minyetti, to ban sexual workers from neighborhoods, historical monuments and commercial centers nationwide. The second hearing was scheduled for next Friday.

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