Local November 15, 2011 | 2:27 pm

Ex-Cincinnati Reds Jose Rijo faces probe in journalist’s murder

Santo Domingo.- The head of the Justice Ministry’s Money Laundering Unit subpoenaed ex Cincinnati Reds star pitcher Jose Rijo for December 6, in connection with the fugitive Matías Avelino Castro, charged with the contract killing of the journalist Jose Silvestre on August 2.

Daniel German Miranda said the subpoenaed was already served on Dominican-born Rijo, who must appear before the Justice Ministry for questioning about Avelino and their joint businesses.

The official said although the former all-star pitcher had been subpoenaed for November 3, Rijo sent a medical certificate through his lawyer, complaining of stomach ailments.

Miranda said the ex major leaguer is only being investigated on his business relation with Avelino, because the Unit’s he directs doesn’t persecute fugitives.

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