Local November 16, 2011 | 4:03 pm

Health chief heads groundbreaking for 3 new Santiago province hospitals

Santiago.- Public Health minister Bautista Rojas headed Wednesday the groundbreaking for the construction of three new hospitals, properly furnished, in the municipal districts La Canela, Hato del Yaque and Baitoa, Santiago province, at a total cost of RD$ 292 million.

He said the modern facilities will be equipped with labs for 22 different tests, rooms for imaging, surgery, childbirth, X-rays, sonograms, and mammograms, among others.

Rojas said the future hospital will be ready within nine months to benefit thousands of people, especially those of low income, and hailed president Leonel Fernandez’s decision to materialize the works. “We’re before a true democratic revolution in the Dominican Republic with the new health model which counts on president Leonel Fernandez’s unwavering support.”

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