Local November 17, 2011 | 2:49 pm

Environment prosecutor lists convictions, RD$ millions in fines

SANTO DOMINGO. – The Environment Ministry’s Office of the Prosecutor has obtained 156 convictions from a total 453 cases taken to court this year, with RD$8.0 million in income from fines to repair environmental damages.

Environment prosecutor Andres Chalas said 2,657 cases of environmental crimes were handled in the country’s various jurisdictions from January to October, for violating Environment Law 64-00..

He said the cases included 1,542 complaints of noise, burning and cuttting trees, air pollution, illegal material extraction and transport, destruction of the surface (sand, gravel and stones), harming flora and fauna, and the obstruction of rivers and gorges.

In a press conference, Chalas also cited cases of trespassing into protected areas, illegal dumping of solid waste, illegal hunting and fishing, water pollution and the illegal transport of wood.

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