Local November 23, 2011 | 4:51 pm

Dominican Government distances itself form terror suspect

Santo Domingo. – Dominican Republic’s Foreign Relations Ministry on Thursday issued a statement distancing the Government from the American citizen of Dominican origin , Jose Pimentel, 27, accused of planning terrorist attacks on Sunday.

“The instructions issued to all our delegations abroad are to prioritize the attention to the Dominican citizens who confront difficulties,” it said, and cited constant communication with the country’s ambassador in Washington.”

It said though Pimentel was born in Dominican Republic, he resides in the United States since he was five, and also holds that nationality. “The Foreign Relations Ministry makes the explanation by virtue that his (Pimentel’s) condition of Dominican is exaggeratedly emphasized, when as to origin and time of residence, has assimilated that culture and his experience of life and distances him from our traditions and citizen practices.”

As a Dominican and/or American, the statement says, Pimentel has the right to a presumption of innocence and a right to opinion, with respect to due process. “The Vienna Convention guarantees communication with their country’s consular representation for all nationals detained abroad, for the purpose of obtaining legal assistance or guidance.”

“In this case such formality hasn’t been fulfilled, being the United States a signatory of that Convention, we consider that Pimentel’s American nationality has been given precedence,” the Government said in the statement issued in Santo Domingo.

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