Local November 24, 2011 | 11:15 am

Long forgotten towns block their tattered road

HATO MAYOR, Dominican Republic. – Commerce, agricultural and educative activities and transport as well, were halted early Thursday morning in the municipalities El Valle and Sabana de la Mar, to demand repairs to their tattered highway.

The two northeastern towns, despite their farming and tourism potentials, have been long forgotten in government budgets for infrastructure projects.

Sabana de la Mar mayor Aura Saldaña closed City Hall to support what she considers a justified strike, as asks the Public Works Ministry to fix the road, which she describes as impassable.

Heightened police patrols were deployed in the streets to prevent vandalism in the civic effort supported by more than 50 organizations grouped in the Hato Mayor Dignity and Respect Citizens Movement, which warned of an extended walkout if the authorities don’t fix the highway, as work was halted when its contractors didn’t get paid.

Since 6am today the groups of people gathered at the southern entrance to Hato Mayor prevent the vehicles from leaving or entering the city, where the organizers announced a mid-morning concentration to block the route at the 12 kilometer marker, the point the consider the most critical along the 45 kilometer highway.

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