Local November 24, 2011 | 9:09 am

“Powerful” ring set free by judge shipped cocaine from posh villa docks

Santo Domingo.- A report disclosed yesterday gives reveals that narcotics trafficker Carlos Morales Davila, in custody in Puerto Rico, used the dock at villa number 17 Los Almedros St., Casa de Campo, La Romana, to ship cocaine to that island country and Florida.

It said Morales’ capture in Puerto Rico unleashed the scandal in the Dominican Republic, when a temporary judge released four members of the network headed by Morales.

The report says Morales traveled to Dominican Republic quite often under the identity of Ricardo Torres, considered by Puerto Rico federal authorities as the last important narcotics trafficker arrested whose criminal structure allegedly operated out of La Romana.

The document of the Second Instruction Court, cited by news source diariolibre.com, reveals that the "powerful structure" includes Miguel Angel Espinal, Felix Evangelista, Roberto Antonio Mendoza and Eddy Antonio Martinez, all arrested by the DEA and the local Antinarcotics Agency (DNCD) in the middleof last December, and set free precisely by judge Awilda Ines Reyes Beltré, acting as temporary in the National District 2nd Instruction Court.

Morales and his four associates face charges in Florida South District Court of conspiracy to smuggle 310 kilos of cocaine to the United States, and if found guilty, could spend life in prison.

Also detained is the Puerto Rican Sueneily Rodriguez, who tried to escape the day of the raid of the villa, in a Nissan SUV, property of Morales.

The authorities also detained Juan Hilario Navarro, during the operation "Huracán" (hurricane) while trying to escape in a Toyota SUV, in the villa at Bloque Caña, number 25, Casa de Campo. In the action DEA and DNCD agents also arrested Roy Francisco Sanchez near the avenue Charles de Gaulle, in Los Tres Ojos, as he was about to leave in a Mercedes SUV.

The authorities called the network one of the most powerful in the Caribbean region, charged with shipping more than 300 kilos cocaine to the United States and Puerto Rico, and according to reports, will be tried in the next few days, once the Florida South District Attorney submits the indictment.

Justice minister Radhamés Jiménez last week announced the appeal of judge Reyes’ ruling, which set free the alleged traffickers.

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