Local November 25, 2011 | 2:20 pm

Rebuke of British ambassador’s extortion statement snowballs

SANTO DOMINGO. – Rebuke of British ambassador Steven Fisher’s statement of alleged extortion against an UK company which he affirms left the country for that reason snowballed Friday, with at least three Dominican Government agencies urging the diplomat to name names.

The Foreign Relations Ministry said it was highly surprised with Fisher’s declarations on Wednesday, that the lack of legal security prevails in Dominican Republic.

It said it hasn’t received any diplomatic note from Fisher or any other ambassador complaining of alleged difficulties for foreign investors to install companies or projects. “We regret that the ambassador of Great Britain hasn’t used the diplomatic channels to express his unease to the country and preferred the communications media.”

Justice Minister Radhamés Jiménez also rebuked the manner in which the diplomat lodged his complaint, and asked Fisher to provide evidence, "obviously, to investigate who was or who were those officials and which was or which were the companies that were submitted to that type of extortion."

Big investments

Great Britain is considered the fifth biggest foreign investor in the country, according to the Export and Investment Center (CEI-RD), whose director, Eddy Martinez, also asked Fisher for proof.

DT called the British Embassy to get a statement, and was told that “they’re all in a meeting, we’ll s get back to you.”

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