Local December 26, 2011 | 12:31 pm

Cop and ex-cop arrested for Haitian minister holdup

Santiagode los Caballeros.- Three men, including an active police officer and anex-member of the National Police, have been arrested, accused of holding up androbbing Haitian presidency minister Daniel Supplice on the Duarte Highway onThursday.

Thedetained men are accused of belonging to a gang that operated on the DuarteHighway, between Santiago and Bonao.

The alleged gang-leader wasnamed as Private Herodes Bautista Matos, who together with ex-policeman JoséAlberto Toribio Hernández and a civilian, Roberto Hernández Javier, is accusedof committing several armed robberies along the highway.

The National Police spokesman inSantiago, Lorenzo Morillo, said this morning that the Haitian minister hadrecognized the SUV used by the robbers, leading to the capture of the accused.The same vehicle had been reported to the authorities on several occasions.

Supplice wasrobbed of three thousand dollars, fifteen thousand pesos, five watches, severalchains and other items. The incident took place near Miranda, between Bonao andLa Vega, during the night.

The Police set up apreventive security corridor on this stretch of the highway on Friday, mannedby the Criminal Investigation Department and uniformed agents, with the aim ofcapturing the assailants.