Local December 27, 2011 | 9:29 am

Dominican authorities enforce New Year firework ban

Santo Domingo.- The Ministry of theInterior and Police has extended its offensive against the illegal manufactureand sale of fireworks during the festive season, with a series of operations atspots where the ban is often violated.

Interior and Police Minister JoséRamón Fadul warned that only businesses that have been certified by the ministryare allowed to handle fireworks at public events.

The use and sale of fireworks iscompletely banned by Law 340-09 on the Control and Regulation of PyrotechnicProducts, and only seven companies are authorized for this purpose.

Fuegos Artificiales Júpiter, FuegosArtificiales Metralla, Fuegos Artificiales Phantom, Pirotécnica del Caribe,Fuegos Artificiales Popeye, MG del Carie and Phantastik Fireworks are thecompanies that are permitted to hold displays using pyrotechnical products.

Fadul was emphatic in stating thatany individual or institution that violates the established regulation would facethe full weight of justice, as set out in section II of the Penal Regime,articles 22 to 26, Chapter IX of Law 340-09.