Local December 27, 2011 | 7:54 am

Dominican government regrets attack on Haitian minister

SantoDomingo.- Dominican Foreign Relations Minister Carlos Morales Troncoso has expressed his regret in reaction to the attack on HaitianMinister Daniel Supplice and his family last Thursday night as they weredriving on the Duarte Highway.

Morales said that since the incidentoccurred he has been in constant communication with the National Police Chief,Major General José Armando Polanco Gómez, who will conduct an in-depthinvestigation until those responsible for the regrettable incident have beenfound.

The Minister assured that Supplice,who is the Minister for Haitian Overseas Affairs, is a friend of the DominicanRepublic, so he doubly regretted the criminal act.

“I have no doubt that we will findthose responsible for the robbery, I truly regret what has happened to Supplice,who is a personal friend of President Fernández, and of mine, and of theDominican Republic”, declared Morales Troncoso.

Yesterday the media reported thatthree men, including one serving police private and a former member of thepolice had been detained in connection with the crime.