Local December 28, 2011 | 6:04 am

Authorities investigate ‘false doctor’ case

Santo Domingo.- In response to a series of complaintsby patients and their relatives, Public Health Minister Bautista Rojas Gómezhas announced that the strongest measures would be taken to penalize whoever isfound responsible in the case of an alleged false doctor at the JoséMaría Cabral y Báez hospital in Santiago. He said that the case requiredin-depth investigation and all responsibility had to be attributed in a casethat he considered very serious, “and that merits a penalty that sets anexample”.

“We spoke to Attorney General Radhamés Jiménez Peñaand the police authorities in the Central Cibao region, with the aim ofensuring that a situation of this kind would not remain unpunished”, he said.

The minister said that the first step would be toarrest the man who passed himself off as a medical professional, and thataccording to the complaints charged money for performing surgical procedures atthe public hospital.

Rojas Gómez said he did not believe that the “falsedoctor” had performed the operations, but that he could have been some sort ofintermediary with staff working at the Cabral y Báez, bypassing thebureaucratic procedures at the main state hospital in the Cibao region.

He added that the security chief at the Public HealthMinistry, Colonel Odalis Santana, and other members of the ministry would beaccompanying the police in their investigations.