Local December 28, 2011 | 6:08 am

Clampdown on charcoal in border region

Santo Domingo.-Charcoal production and sale in the border region will be tackled by theMinistry of the Environment and Natural Resources together with the SpecializedBorder Security Corps (CESFRONT) and intelligence agencies, according tominister Ernesto Reyna Alcántara. He was speaking after a meeting with thedirectors of Cesfront and specialized security agencies, with whom he analyzedjoint plans to be developed and actions for combating the illegal practice.

The concrete measuresto be implemented include the assignment of an airplane by the Armed ForcesMinistry to patrol the border region to detect charcoal production points withmilitary personnel and Environment Ministry specialists on board.

Coordinates will beestablished from the air using GPS equipment belonging to the Environment Ministryand automatically reported to the corresponding Provincial Directorate so thatthey may act on the reported information.

Cesfront director General SantoGuerrero Clase, G-2 Intelligence director General Henry Gómez Bueno, J-2 Intelligencedirector General Luis Payán Arache, Third Brigade chief General GilbertoRosario Polanco, Fourth Brigade chief General Abraham Luna Rodríguez, and FifthBrigade chief General José Rafael López Santana attended the meeting, along withColonel Tiburcio, director of the National Environmental Protection Service, andDeputy Ministers Valerio García, Manuel Serrano and Víctor García.